San Quentin Zen
Joining the Buddhadharma Sangha
               Buddhadharma Sangha, 2001
Seido Lee deBarros, Founding Teacher
at the East Gate of San Quentin State Prison
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             Buddhadharma Sangha, 2012
Space permitting and under some circumstances, non-incarcerated Buddhist practitioners may apply to join the Buddhadharma Sangha. Non-incarcerated Sangha members do not give teachings or lead practices, but simply provide Sangha companionship by participating in the program alongside our incarcerated Dharma brothers.   If you have an established Buddhist meditation practice, some experience sitting with Buddhist groups, and a sensitivity to issues around prison chaplaincy, you may submit an application to join the Sangha through the form below. We will endeavor to get back to you within a few weeks. Prospective participants are interviewed by a program coordinator, and if there is space in the program and it seems a good match, will be directed to a half-day general prison volunteer training to get a better sense of what is involved in this work before proceeding further. The following guidelines offer a sense of the standards we observe in the prison. Some details do not apply to all; a group coordinator will discuss these guidelines in detail with prospective members.
Basic SQSP Guidelines Basic SQSP Guidelines Buddhadharma Sangha Application Form Buddhadharma Sangha Application Form